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Race To The Top Grant Might Not be Worth Its Cost to SCUSD

Restrictions on the Use of the Grant Mean the Money Can't Help Restore Education Cuts

Will Sac City Unified Race to the Top?

California failed to receive RTTT grants under Gov. Schwarzenegger. Gov. Jerry Brown and Supt. Torlakson have applied for a waiver for No Child Left Behind trying to have California meet guidelines under its own terms instead of the Federal governments. Brown has declared he wants to lessen the emphasis on high stakes testing for California children and direct the millions of dollars spent on testing and data tracking systems elsewhere.

Sac City Unified's Board Resolution Creates Division and Dissension Among Teachers

                Last Friday night at an emergency school board meeting that wasn't televised, the SCUSD school board resolved to set aside an administrative law judge's ruling on skipping teacher seniority on layoffs. In voting for the resolution, the board decided to protect newer teacher's jobs at  Superintendent's Raymond's Priority Schools, rather than accepting the judge's decision that the teachers at the priority schools didn't meet the criteria for skipping layoffs laid out in the Education Code.


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