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What We Believe

The Coalition doesn't defend that status quo of public education. Our schools have faced budget crisis after budget crisis. Programs are cut and positions are lost. Where are the arts and music programs in the elementary schools? Where are the counselors, librarians and nurses?

Education reform measures being touted are unproven. Too much money is being spent on testing that takes time away from learning. Charter schools are held up as the model when in reality few do a better job of educating students than traditional public schools. We don't believe that public education is failing our children. We believe that government is failing public education.

Our priorities are to fully fund our public schools and end the "race to nowhere" . We need to ensure that children get the education they deserve.

  • We believe that free access to public education is the cornerstone of our democracy.
  • We believe all students must have the opportunity to learn and participate in all scholastic and extracurricular activities.
  • We believe all members of the community must be accountable for the success of our schools.
  • We believe teachers and classified personnel must have the ability to have a collective bargaining agreement.
  • We believe Sacramento County voters have elected school boards to be accountable for all public schools in their jurisdictions.
  • We support—in partnership with the community, students, parents, teachers, and classified personnel—improving student achievement and learning conditions in Sacramento County school districts.
  • We believe that any and all charter school programs can be accomplished in public non-charter schools.
  • We support saving public education from privatization and any takeover by a private corporation.

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