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Our Goals

Sacramento Coalition to Save Public Education

    The goal of the Coalition is to stop the privatization of public education

Our accomplishments

    • Exposure and dissolution of the illegal SCUSD pension scheme CASA
    • Resumption of video recording of the SCUSD board meetings
    • The establishment of trustee areas for school board elections in Sacramento City Unified School District.

National goals

    • To affiliate with other organizations across the county who are fighting to preserve our public education system

State goals

    • Legislation reforming charter school law

Local goals for Sacramento City Unified School District

    • Support programs that have a proven track record in SCUSD
    • Support neighborhoods schools
    • Support reopening Sacramento High as a non-charter SCUSD comprehensive public high school.
    • Sponsoring events for recruiting and mobilizing against the privatization movement

How we will work to accomplish our goals:

    • Speak before the school board on issues
    • Support candidates who support our goals
    • Use our internet presence to disseminate information
    • Work with state legislators to revise charter school law
    • Contact our state and federal representatives with our positions on legislation affecting public schools

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