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The Fight to Save Our Schools Begins Today

It's not just a school, it's a community that will be lost. Parents trust that teachers and staff will act in the best interests of their children to look after them and to teach them for 6 hours a day. It's a stressful and scary situation for a parent to lose the school that is your child's safe haven.
Programs that serve the students can be moved to others schools, but that's pointless if the kids can't participate because of a lack of after school transportation. How can parents without transportation participate in evening events? The board showed a profound disrespect for the concerns of parents when they voted to close schools without a transportation plan in place.
All this for a savings of less than 2 million dollars--budget dust!   Our school communities worth more than that. In fact, they are priceless The state budget proposals for the 2012-2013 school year are projecting a 4.3% raise in funding. Why did the board need to close these schools? There will be a community budget forum on March 5th at the Colonial Heights library. We'll have more information on that for the public in the near future.
The SCUSD board made a "we know best", top down decision that disregarded the concerns of the people that the board was elected to serve. They disrupted the education of three thousand children, and created stress and anxiety for their families. As Coaliton member Carlos Rico said, participatory democracy only works if those in power listen and act on what the electorate tells them. Because they are an elected board they are accountable to the public. We will do our best to hold them accountable for this decision.

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